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New list of Creative workshop This coming May.

Handlettering and composition 14th of May 2018 The moment you see those people who write so gorgeous, you think how they do that? Well it’s actually not writting, instead you draw it. You draw letters and make art from it. Learn the basic handlettering with me: Brushlettering Faux lettering Composition You want to start handlettering but you dont know which brands of calligraphy pens fits you? No worry, in my workshop you feel free to try different kinds of markers and let your creative spirit speaks which markers is the best for you. Materials use: micron, steadler, tombow, edding, crayola, talens, posca, and etc. Create beautiful poster with your favorite quotes, make a personalized card with your favorite lettertype. Or learn the galaxy technique plus a combination of handlettering. NOTE: This workshop might not be enough for one session, you can request for another workshop to learn more advance calligraphy with discounts. Afte 3 hours of handlettering, you will receive a goodybag (with fineliner, brushpens,handlettering guidelines, Papers, and cards) so you can practice at home. For more question and reservation. Please email me @ 


You like to try painting but didn’t know where to start? Join my workshop on 21st of May 2018, it’s open for beginners, no need a painting experience. You already painted before but you want to try something new? My painting workshop offers 3 techniques: * intuitive painting / mixed media *acrylic Pouring *traditional painting with brushes or paletknives For reservation: please send me a private message or email me @ Deadline for reservation is: May 15 2018 NOTE: -Please let me know on time If you prefer mixed media or Acrylic pouring technique. -The price for pouring technique is different because of its delicate process. -The extra price is for materials for acrylic Pouring: Pouring medium, gloves, silicon oil, burner, and more. 40 euros per person. -watch YouTube videos for ideas about Acrylic pouring *** to have an idea of what techniques we offer please check the attached photos. Important NOTE: The photos that are shared here is for reference purpose only, during the painting session it is still the idea to paint FREE without copying the art from other artists. 

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