Meet Jesamine of Jesamine Creates:


Hi I am Jesamine, from Assen in the Netherlands. I am behind all the crazy letterings, and illustrations posted on this page. 2016, I created a facebook/instagram account and this website for my illustrations and lettering. This page is now running for two years but I myself started illustration at a young age. I love to draw female figures, mostly fashion illustration, draw botanical and animals.

Lettering has been my part time job too since late high school and college years. Before, when computer wasn't as common like nowadays it was all a manual labour of love. On big scale lettering, we used permanent marker, paper cutting, poster paint and filt paper. My father does lettering too, and that's where I learned most of it. I was inspired by handpainted street ads, graffiti and lettering. My love of lettering faded away when computer technology took over, the digital era.

Then, in 2016 handlettering and calligraphy art made a comeback. It seems like everyone loves to go back to basic again! I was surprised! Luckily I work part time at a hobby store, where I can practice and try-out lettering. I can test markers, pens, everything that involves with lettering. After about a year of practice, it really came back to me! yes! When I was young I only did traditional lettertypes, but now, my style is more free and modern. 

I love, block letters, sans serif, flourishing letters, 3D letters and brushscript.

What are my favourite pens / markers for illustration and handlettering? Tombow ABT, Pentel brushpen, and Posca paint markers. I also love Ecoline and Indian ink, Micron and Winsor and Newton watercolor paint.

I am happy that I can share it here, and inspire others as well.

Now, besides for work and for myself, I also conduct small group hand lettering and sketch workshops.

I love to combine lettering style with my sketches, maybe you noticed it here. Hopefully It will keep inspiring people. As long as beautiful markers are on the market, hopefully we'll keep sketch and lettering!

If you like to ask any question about lettering and illustration. Message me. Remember, I started also from zero, just practice everyday and beautful progress will surely follow.

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