Meet Jesamine of Jesamine Creates:


"At a young age I always wrote my diary. But when I moved to different places, I lost some of it. That felt like losing a part of me and at the same time, like opening  up my secrets to the world. Not a good feeling.

After many years, I found new ways to express my thoughts without literally pointing it out words by words. Journaling,  using indirect words and bit of doodles. Since young I always love to draw and my dad taught me some lettering. So I added that into my journal. I never thought that there’s a name for that. SKETCH JOURNALING.

Sketch journaling, bullet journaling and travel journaling. No boundaries! I called it, recording memories through sketching and handlettering.

I mostly sketch on location and urban sketching. This technique helps me to sketch not only what my eyes can see but also the athmosphere.  It could be buildings, people on the street, etc. Yes, I sketch from a photograph too, when on the spot sketching is not possible. 

I am also a painter. Sketch journaling is ideal for me to sketch all my ideas and concepts before I go straight to canvas and thick paint."

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