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Jesamine V. Totañes- Wiersema ( JVTotañes ) was born in Butuan City, Philippines in 1982. She started to draw when she was small.

Studied BA in Psychology in the Philippines, and studying Classical Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. 

Art became her comfort, way to express sadness and joy. Art is her channel to socialize, and later on became her career. 

Her works are loose , vivid and expressive. She’s a multi-media artist. Her style plays in between the boundaries of real  and abstract.

Favourite subjects, urban scene and portraits/people.

She loves carrying a sketchbook and sketch on the spot. While sketching she loves to use gouache paint, watercolor, pen and ink. The final result of her work is as important as the process. 



July 1 2024- September 30 2024

Exhibit: "No more Secrets

Marktstraat 1, Assen The Netherands

Expo - Mannenmode de Rooij

Exhibit: Kunst aan de Vaart 2024 Editie

Buiten Gewoon

Plein-air schilderen samen met alumni en studenten van Klassieke Academie Groningen

14-15  september 2024

Kunst aan de Vaart | 9 & 10 september 2023 | Assen

Latest News:

Candidate Project Rembrandt season 4

Aired March 24 2024

Dutch painting competion Channel NTR-NPO1

NTR | Project Rembrandt - Jesamine






J V  T O T  A Ñ E S 

Jesamine Villanueva Totañes - Wiersema


"I dont need gravity, I just need growth" -Iniko


The Netherlands| @jvtotanes

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