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Currently lives and works in Assen,

The Netherlands| @jvtotanes














Behind the canvas and paint brushes is Jesamine V. Totañes ( JVTotañes) (1982) Filipina, born in Butuan City Philippines who lives and works in Assen The Netherlands. She paints diverse subjects, but portraits are her favourite. She finds eyes the most intriguing part of the portrait, thats why she spends more time on it. JVtotanes believes that eyes are the soul of the portrait. Her inspiration are, Frida Khalo and Gustav Klimt.  She also work as an illustrator, collaborating with different companies like Koval Sketchbooks from Poland.

She paints cityscapes and love sketching ouitside - sketching on location- urban sketching and a freelance creative instructor. 

She is one of the moderator of Urban Skechers Assen,  and behind the social media team Instagram  of Urban Sketcher Nederlands.


Her works are very recognizable with vibrant colours and contrast. She loves playing with details, and painting very loose.  Keep updated with her art process by following her on  instagram at @jesamine_creates for illustration and @jvtotanes for paintings. Wanna see her painting videos? Check also her youtube account at JVTotanes and Jesamine Creates. 






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