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The Netherlands

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Jesamine V. Totañes- Wiersema ( JVTotañes ) was born in Butuan City, Philippines in 1982. She started to draw when she was small.

Studied BA in Psychology in the Philippines, and officially moved and lived to The Nethelands in 2012. When she left the Philippines, the only things she carried  were her own personal things, passport , and passion in art.  Life was not easy as an immigrant, struggled with language, missing family and friends  and finding  job were taugh.

Art is the only thing she has to offer to the society. Art became her comfort, way to express sadness and joy. Art is her channel to socialize, and later on became her career. 

Once an art teacher told her in class. “You should teach art”.  That started the “aha”moment.

JVTotañes is now a creative art instructor, giving art workshops  online and offline.  She’s  been hired by several art material companies and organizations such as Winsor and Newton, Edding, Pipoos Hobby and Urban Sketchers Netherlands to give workshops in the Netherlands and soon international audiences. She’s also working as social media content maker, collaborating with different companies and influencers on Instagram under the name @jesamine_creates.


JVTotañes loves urban scene and portraits. Her favorite subjects are anything about the Philippines. It’s strange that when she left the Philippines, she was inspired by European architecture and art and now that she’s here, she’s longing to the beauty of the Philippines.

Her works are loose , vivid and expressive. She’s working with multiple medium. Her style plays in between the boundaries of real  and abstract.

A co-artist friend  Galyna Aguf once said: ‘You are a componist’

For painting: charcoal, oil and acrylic is her medium. She loves carrying a sketchbook and sketch on the spot. While sketching she loves to use gouache paint, watercolor, pen and ink.

She is now also working as illustrator/ draftman.  Illustrated the book ‘Knoop je eigen Macrame’  by Anton Nieuwenhuis.

JVTotañes, art process is never ended here. She wants  to deepen her knowledge about European art, and skills to classical painting. She’s is now taking Fine Arts in a Classical Art Academy in the Netherlands.


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