People Sketching

WHEN: 18 sept. 2021 (saturday)
Time: 10.00-17.00

LOCATION: Kunstplaza Schurer
Warenhuis Vanderveen Assen

PRICE: 90 euros
Materials, drinks and lunch are included

OPTIONAL: 19 sept. 2021 ( sunday) Urban sketching in Assen focus on people sketching ( location tentative )

Maximum 6 attendants 
Dutch and English spoken workshop

For reservation, please email me at: totanes_jesamine@me.com

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Last July, we went to Brink Assen and sketch the beautiful historical building of Drents Archief and DrentsMuseum.

Participants enjoyed and ended up with beautiful sketches. So this second workshop , let me teach you my way of sketching people.

With my 6 years of experience in urbansketching. I gathered all the important things to remember in order to manage that fear of sketching people and for the first time ill show it to you during the workshop. 

Don’t worry this is not a second part of the previous sketching workshop.
If you are new from urbansketching and would like to follow this workshop. You are welcome.

Of course its an advantage if you already sketch or did some urbansketching but this workshop is totally different. New things for you to learn!

You will learn my tips and tricks on how I sketch people. Conquer that fear of sketching, specially when people is your main subject.

I’ll show you how to add figures of your urbansketch. Learning your brain to capture fast the scene and project it on your paper.

Highlight of the workshop:
Sketching people in far distance
Sketching people in action
Sketching people in close distance

Two location 

Part 1: Kunst Plaza Schurer in Warenhuis Vanderveen in Assen
indoor sketching 
Time: 10.00-12.30

Part 2: Gouverneurstuin Assen during the Artwonder Festival 
outdoor sketching
Time: 13.00-17.00

19TH OF SEPTEMBER 2021 ( sunday )
Sketchcrawl Meet up
outdoor sketching
Time: 13.00-16.30
Location in Assen ( Tentative ) 

Materials included
Lunch and drinks included

Price: 90 euros
All participants will get discounts from our creative partners PipoosHobby and KovalSketchbooks

Limited seats available!


Welcome introduction
Warm up
People sketching
Urbansketching ( outdoor sketching ) highlight on people sketching
One on one Evaluation
Group photo 

See you on the 18th of september!


Reservation is a must.

Buy your ticket now
Contact: totanes_jesamine@me.com

PHONE: 0621237697

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