·       Keep Sketching! Sketching on the go, 

      with ballpen ( Arceren.  hatching). 

WHEN: 27TH February 2022

WHERE: Zoom livestream. The link will be emailed before the 26 February 2022

TIME: 19.00-20.30 CET sunday

Dutch spoken

COST: from 25 euros  For payment and reservation .

Please contact me via my instgram @jesamine_creates or you can directly chat with me here ;-)

SKETCHING On the go! Use a handy materials to create a beautiful work. 

Sitting in the train, waiting for your coffee in the coffee house, or waiting for your dental appointment? Waiting can be irritating sometimes,  to avoid that how about turn it to excitement!  Grab a pen and let's sketch.

I always carry a simple sketchbook and pen with me in my purse. Sometimes when you don't look on your phone too much, you see more the world. Don't miss the chance, its a gift of being alive. Sketch it. Sketching with ballpen is to  train your brain to sketch what you see and not what you know. Its relaxing. Record your memories on your sketchbook.  

On this workshop. I am not teaching you to use multiple medium. NO water and brush needed.

Lets simplified it to one or two materials. Ball pen and sketchbook, Because the idea is to quick sketching. I will teach you to give depth and tones on your work by using the hatching techniques. 

Zoom session.
27 February 2022
Dutch spoken
Open for reservation ( Message me for more info )

FREE reference photos and line drawing to practice at home.
What you need?

Ballpen ( maybe some blue, black and red pens ) you can also use fountain pen,  no fineliners. )

Sketchbook and  NOT  specifically sketchbook for watercolor

OPTIONAL: Coloured pencils

For more workshop 

FLOWER POP ! Workshop in March 2022

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