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2 days workshop

Date: 6-7 of june 2020 time: 13.00-16.30
price: 80 euros
Location: Kloosterveen Assen, The Netherlands

You love to do anything creative but you don’t know what and how. Learn how to motivate yourself to sketch and experience all kinds of medium in one workshop before you jump up and rush to the hobby store and buy all their stocks 😝.

This workshop is an “ experience studio” where you can pick any material you like to start your journey!

•How to combine artjournaling and sketching
•Learn cool watercolor effect.
•What is the best way to draw a thing!
•How to make your sketches look done and beautiful without trying hard.

Join me!
This is strictly for a small group only. With maximum 5 attendees so if you like to join this workshop please reserve your slot ASAP.

Hello I am Jesamine, your instructor
Since I was a child I love to sketch. I didn’t really know why but I just loved to do it. I just feel relaxed when I do it. But when I got older, I forgot about it, being busy with jobs and busy with adulting I guess 😆.
Later on, I felt too overwhelmed with all things happening in my life. Then I decided to sketch again, Although I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn’t see the purpose yet. But after finishing some sketches, boom !!! There you go. I was totally hooked up! Wanna see my obsessions? Checkout my Instagram account at @jesamine_creates

Sketching is like RECORDING MEMORIES but just more fun! Join me on thIS TWO DAYS WORKSHOP 6-7 JUNE 2020 and let me show you my tips on how to keep your life in MORE INTERESTING with sketching.

Date: 6TH OF JUNE 2020
Time: 13.00-16.30( first part )
TIME: 13.00-16.30( SECOND PART )

Location: Moerbeistraat 46 Assen
Price: 80 euros with art material included and free sketchbook and handbook
•Dutch and English lecture spoken
Please be reminded that my workshop studio is on the attic area of our house.
The workshop INCLUDES SNACKS and drinks, do you have any food allergies or are you vegan or vegetarian ? Please inform us asap
Mobile: 0621237697

See you then?

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