"Please stay home and sketch with us"

15 Days Quarantine Sketch Challenge

March 16-30 2020

To provide inspiration to people stuck at home amid the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a Filipino artist based in the Netherlands has started a Facebook and Instagram challenge to sketch something in the house daily.

JVTotañes  began the "14-day quarantine sketch challenge" (hashtag #whatsindahouse ) after the Netherlands declared what looks like a partial lockdown from March 16 to April 6 where schools, restaurants and other establishments are ordered closed while people are advised to stay and work from home, if possible. Flights coming in from other countries are also suspended. JVTotañes wants to at least uplift the spirit of people by providing an avenue for sketchers and for people who love looking at them.


The idea is to find something inspirational in the house and sketch it.

“I know it’s safe to stay home during this all over coronavirus fears. One to two days you will love it. But what if it’s two weeks!? That’s a lot! I work less for the next couple of weeks because of this worldwide health fight. But then I realize this is the best time to appreciate what’s in the house! Join me with my sketch challenge for 14 days quarantine sketching. Sketch anything you see in the house. It could be your shoes, your pile of laundry, garden tools, your favorite food or lunch, and games anything! Ask your kids to join you, if they are staying at home. It will stimulate them to do less gaming and do more art. Let’s inspire each and everyone and keep the world still a better place. Good luck creative lovelies!” Totanes-Wiersema wrote on the challenge page.

So far, the #whatsindahouse challenge has gained popularity among sketchers who share their works almost daily.

Use the official hashtag #whatsindahouse to keep you updated.

Let's stay home as much as possible and sketch!
Good luck and let's inspire each other!

ROUND 1                                                       ROUND 2
1 OUT OF BED - don’t make your bed yet, sketch it first .                                                                                        1. DUCK FACE ( APRIL FOOLS DAY)
2 FILE OF SHOES - the more shoes the better                                                                                                             2
3 FOOD SKETCHING - the best meal of the day                                                                                                          3.  TEDDY BEAR HUNT                          
4 SKETCHING HOUSEMATE -sketch someone next to you                                                                                       4. SOMETHING HANDMADE  ( NATIONAL HANDMADE DAY) 
5 URBANJUNGLE SKETCH -indoor or outdoor plants                                                                                                 5. URBAN SKETCHING "SKETCH YOUR HOUSE"
6 BAR AT HOME -what are we drinking this Friday night .                                                                                     6. SKETCH YOUR FAVOURITE BEER ( NATIONAL BEER DAY)
7 PANIC BUYING - the first thing you will buy if Corona virus gets worse .                                                          7. CORONA ( WORLD HEALTH DAY)
8 HOUSE PARTY - sketch a messy place in the house                                                                                               8. POSTCARD ( SKETCH YOUR PREVIOUS PLACE YOU VISITED BEFORE THE LOCK DOWN )
9. THOUGHTS OF THE DAY - draw your day inspiration.                                                                                          9. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS
10. WASH YOUR WORRIES AWAY -sketch any part of your bathroom                                                                    10. ILLUSTRATE THE WORD "DISRTANCE"
11 YOU ARE A SKETCHER - sketch your favourite sketch supplies.                                                                         11. HOMMIE (SKETCH YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE INSIDE YOUR HOME) 
12 DINNER WAS SERVED -how your dining table looks like after dinner                                                             12. GOOD OLD VINTAGE      ( SKETCH SOMETHING OLD )                             
13 WHATS IN YOUR BAG? - sketch your bag and 3 most important things you can’t live without .                13. MESSY KITCHEN
14 SKETCH YOUR VEHICLE -car, bike, scooter etc etc.                                                                                               14. PRIMARY ( SKETCH WITH ONLY USING 3 PRIMARY COLOURS )
15 ( BONUS ) THE AFTERMATH-how’s you sketching table looks like after the challenge? -                            15.PILE OF LAUNDY   .... TO SEE MORE OF THE CHALLENGE PLEASE CLICK HERE: 













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